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News from the members areaThe bulletin board currently contains 3786 entries. The last topics were

   17.06.2021 Consul deluxe • Infos gesucht (updated)
   17.06.2021 Neuzugang (dank eines IFHB Mitglieds) Adler perfect record mit Raumsparschrift (new)
   15.06.2021 Facit Spezial für Apotheker (new)

The calculator encyclopedia currently contains 2077 entries. The latest are

   14.06.2021 Walther RMK (13), Carl Walther, Abt. Rechenmaschinen
   14.06.2021 Walther RMKZ früh, Carl Walther, Abt. Rechenmaschinen
   14.06.2021 Melitta RM III, Röhm-Werke

The typewriter encyclopedia currently contains 494 entries. The latest are

   16.06.2021 ADLER Tippa / Tippa 1 (Typ C), Adler-Werke
   16.06.2021 ADLER Tippa B3, P. Gossen & Co. GmbH im Auftrag der Adler-Werke
   16.06.2021 MEHANO Barbie electronic E118, Mehano (made in China)

New: HBw-Aktuell 06/2021

This issue contains:

  • Historical document: Special offer for Remington typewriters from 1927
  • The Fortuna index typewriter
  • The Typewriter Exchange now digitally searchable
  • The Star mini-adder: a trade fair novelty that flopped
  • Stuttgart computer museum
  • Antique pencil sharpener from France
  • Flea market visit
and, as usual: advertisements, meetings, auctions, news from the board, ...

You can find this issue in the members area under the menu item "HBw-Aktuell".

New: HBw-Aktuell 05/2021 (member area)

In this issue (among others):

  • On the Death of Peter Muckermann
  • Type Basket No. 1 10/88
  • Typewriter art: Prince Philip
  • Maschine(s) of the month: Olympia Musicwriter und Nototyp
  • The Curta calculating machines in the holdings of the Liechtenstein National Museum
  • Enigma flood
  • Historical Document: "Mechanized writing - the author's tools of the trade"
and, as usual: advertisements, market reflections, this & that ...

Detlef Zerfowski

New: HBw-Aktuell 04/2021 (member area)

In this issue (among others):

  • Anniversary year 2023 - IFHB-AG "400 Years of the Calculator"
  • Article about the IFHB at the Technology History Conference 2021
  • Maschine of the month: a lovely Erika 90 (VEB Dresden)
  • Invitation to the IFHB General Meeting in Bielefeld
  • From clay-made calculating machines to wanted typewriters
  • Historical document: an employment contract from 1926
  • Information from the Election Officer on the Election of the Board
  • One question, Mr. Mock: why QWERTZ?
and, as usual: advertisements, market reflections, this & that ...

Detlef Zerfowski

Historische Bürowelt No. 123 / April 2021

This issue contains

  • Pelican Sales Training 1985
  • Model determination of Walther pinwheel calculators
  • From Gandhi to typewriter icon Godrej Prima
  • Mature performance: Triumph Matura
  • Olympia - electronic calculators made in Braunschweig
  • Olympia Monica electric de Luxe
  • Why were Japanese companies more successful in selling electronic calculators and typewriters than the German ones?
  • Typewriters and sewing machines from Dresden - Division after the Second World War
The complete English translation is available in the members area.

Martin Reese

New: HBw-Aktuell 03/2021 (member area)

In this issue (among others):

  • Historic document: Invoice from "Schneider & Dietrich", dated 1916
  • Maschine of the month: Melotyp music typewriter
  • Sholes & Glidden also found its way to Ludwigsburg
  • New at the German Typewriter Museum, Bayreuth
  • On the article "Braked Tab Dynamics" in no. 02/2021
  • What's new in Saxony?
and, as usual: advertisements, market reflections, this & that ...

Peter Muckermann

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